Facts & Questions

Who will be working in my house?
Me and only me.

How long have you been sanding floors?
Since the early eighties taking over from my grandfather.

Is it dusty?
To a degree yes, although the machines pick up 80-90% of the dust. Constant vacuuming, emptying your bag out side before it becomes full and exhaust fans in the windows will make for a virtually dust free environment.

Should I paint first?
Most painters do not enjoy working on freshly finished floors and feel it is easier to touch up paint than floors although if for any reason the floors are to be first I will gladly come back to do any touch up to the them.

How long dose finish take to dry?
For the first and second coat about 6-8 hours you should be able walk across the floor if needed, at this point you need not worry to much for the finish will be sanded in between coats and any marks made will be taken out, the third you will need to stay off for a good 8-10 hrs,  in the summer humidity will be factor in this. I will always do my best to get the finish on the floors at times that will  least impact you household.

What is a Sealer? 
A sealer is anything used for the first coat thus sealing the grain of the wood, yet there are products on the market today that are specifically formulated for this purpose the most common being laquer sealers, these  sealers dry quick within an hour and it has become a common practice with many contractors to  do one coat of sealer and one heavy coat of a polyurethane allowing them to be done in one day, the problem with this is the adhesion between the oil and laquer, if the sealer is not cured the adhesion be  will minimal at best combined with a heavy cote of finish will most likely  lead to cracking, pealing and chipping of the finish coat.

Screening or Buff & top coat
This method can be used when the finished is still in relatively good condition showing little dulling and or minor wear, using a wire mesh screen  much like the one in your window, placed on a buffing machine will prepare a previously finished floor to accept another coat of finish. Without this process any finish will most likely peel. This process will remove most surface scratches and paint drips. This option is also great  for apartment turnovers

What is acclimation?
Acclimation is the adaptation flooring to a new climate, all wood including flooring retain moisture and since most flooring is kept in unheated warehousers it is best that flooring be kept on the job for several days before installation to insure an adequate moisture content ideally 6 - 12% it is imperative that any  tile & grout work, plaster, painting ect be dry before flooring is delivered to job site.

Installing floors in new kitchens
When installing floors in new kitchens it is best to install the floor, sand and get a couple of coats of finish on, then install the cabinets an finish off any plumbing, painting, and electrical work and come back and finish the last coat after all is done, this makes for abetter job all around.   


These are just a few commonly asked questions and are based on my own personal knowledge and years of experience, if you have any of your own please fell free to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability or opinion.


"The best customer is an informed one"